Fuel (5¢ rebate)
Our friends at Lachute Airport (CSE4) are offering all Montebello fly-in (Jan 24-26 2020) participants a 5¢ discount per litre off the price of some of the cheapest fuel prices in the region! We encourage pilots to visit on your way to or from Montebello.

The Montebello Seaplane Base (CSB6) is situated approx 1.2nm west of the Château. The runway is somewhat of a 06-24 orientation, between CSB6 and the Château, on ice and snow. The decision to land is solely the responsibility of the pilot. For the January 2020 Fly-in the conditions do not exist for the runway to be plowed for wheel operations. In future years if conditions permit, the runway will be plowed for wheel operations.

Vintage Wings Marshallers will be present to guide aircraft on the river on Saturday. Follow their signals and they will guide you from the runway to a parking spot.

Per the CFS, pilots are requested to monitor and broadcast intentions on the published Aerodrome Traffic Frequency (ATF) 123.20. Staff onsite will have radios to provide advisories only. Pilots are responsible for all traffic avoidance as well as their decision to land.

Marshallers will be onsite to assist with parking operations in the marina. Adapter plugs (see below) will be available for those who require engine heating. Pilots are reminded to bring suitable tie downs as well as any covers and wheel chocks.

Extremely limited tickets for the banquet will be available onsite. To secure your seat at the always popular Saturday night dinner, please purchase your tickets in advance here.

Engine Heater Plugs
Adapter plugs are available to rent for the weekend – available at registration for those requiring engine heating. The cost is $25, with all profits going to the Freedom to Fly Fund. Pilots should bring their own extension cords.